Thirteen reasons why

Date: 4/15/2017

By AbbyK

So I had this dream where Thirteen Reasons Why was real and I was with the group of people with their names on the tapes. For some reason, though, none of us did anything bad and we were actually trying to help solve the case. Almost none of the people there looked like the people from the show except Alex and Courtney. There was another random guy named Alix and then another guy named John and a girl that I didn't know the name of. So we met every other day at some apartment to discuss what had happened with the case. I remember I was with Alix at his apartment when this girl that I recognize from my school, Deshayne, came through the door and was mad at me for trying to solve the case. She had this pointy thing and was threatening me. I trying to grab for this little knife on the counter, but it fell to the floor and she grabbed it. I tried to kick her and punch her away and almost end Lucid, but I couldn't hold it. She cut my left write and it hurt so I tried to grab her hand but somehow she grabbed me too and cut my right wrist in the same place like 5 times. It all looked like cat scratches but hurt was worse. I have no idea where Alix is this entire time, but he then runs in and gets her out of the apartment. I then remember I walked into this other apartment where everyone was meeting and there was an orange cat there that I recognized as Shane Dawson's (from YouTube) cat, Cheeto. The living room was the same room at the bedroom and I laid down next to the girl I didn't know. I was showing her what happened to my wrist because she was crazy and she could come after anyone next. I told her that this guy saved me but I couldnt remember his name. Then Alex and Alix both walked in I pointed to Alix and asked what his name was again. He walked over and asked what. I asked the question again. He said it was Alix and looked kind of annoyed. I feel like we had something with each other and I grabbed his arm and said something like, "yeah I know it's Alix I just got confused because in the book there's only one Alex and now there's two. I know yours is with an I though." So he forgave me and the meeting continued.