Naked and Afraid (but not the TV show)

Date: 7/21/2017

By AbbyK

So it starts off where I am at this pool party, but I can't find my swimsuit. I am running around trying to find it and the entire time I feel like I'm being left out by my friends because I can't find this stupid swimsuit. Then I am back at high school, even though I'm in college now. I am at gym class and I am going into the locker room to get ready. There is a girls room and right across from that is the boys. I start to go into the girls, but some other girl comes up to me and says that the boys have taken over both of them and I can still go in there if I want with a few of the girl, but it's mostly guys. I am running late and the gym teacher is really mean and if I'm late and/or not changed into my gym clothes I know that he'll be really mad and punish me. So I go into the locker room. For some reason it didn't look like a real locker room, it was just one big room. And there were a couple girls in there, but it was packed with guys. And they were all naked. I had a bag or something in my hand and I was blocking my eyes with it as I walked through to the back so I could change quickly. I didn't feel as embarrassed changing in front of everyone as I thought I would be, but I was just thinking about trying to get back out with all of these naked guys surrounding me. Then my dream switches and I am at my house but I am taking a shower in my front yard. For some really weird reason there was a glass shower in the middle of my yard. One side was open and the other three sides were glass. The open side was facing the trees so no one could see me, but on the other side I draped a long towel over it so no one could see me. I don't know what happened but somehow I ended up in my yard trying to do something and when I was about to run back to the shower, a car pulls up. I try hiding behind a tree as the person gets out, and it's Jane Lynch. She walks up to my porch, and I about get up to make a run for it, but she looks back and I fall to the ground. Then someone answers the door and I hear Jane Lynch ask why there is a shower out here and whoever answers the door says because I like to take showers outside. So Jane Lynch goes inside and I run for the shower, but I have to adjust my towel because it had about slipped off. Then I finish my shower and go inside.