Ocean Prisoners

Date: 8/2/2017

By tiafaithberger

I was a boy in the dream but still had the same personality and I was the leader and my sister Layla was there and there was all these prisoners in there and I was a prisoner and Layla was kinda like a ghost or no one knew she was there and she wasn't a prisoner she was like a little brother to me and was really innocent and sweet. We were in these boats in the ocean and one of the prisoners threw my special necklace into the water and then we all jumped out and swam to shore really fast because the guards told us too for exercise and punishment and it took us barely anytime to reach the shore but after we got there Layla said " you forgot your necklace!" And I was like "yes I know but it doesn't matter only keeping you safe matters" and then I swam back out there because I was trying to find a rock that was round and so I jumped into the water and it was so clear and the bottom wasn't sand it was like a swimming pool and so I found the rock and swam back up and I was all alone and everyone was at the shore and I hard as I tried I just couldn't swim back I was stuck there and then there was this bad evil prisoner that threw my rock into the ocean and was all mad I me and was trying to kill me so I threw the rock at him and then I was able to swim back to shore empty handed without the rock and that is all I remember.we were all wearing white and black stripped prision suits"