Date: 2/15/2017

By MercurialNight

My mom, brother, and I somehow found ourselves in the forest in a large valley. KY probably. Semi large disaster events had been happening; a couple small meteors, a logging site with equipment turned sideways and earth upturned. In that logging site we found a selection of dogs with leashes. I understood we could each pick one. We thought the black one was a panther and I wanted to see if I could pick it, but mom was all 'Noo he's dangerous' and shit. It was sitting on a chair sleeping. But then it turned out to be an all black dog so I was all over that shit. Michael picked the biggest dog that kinda looked like a mutt husky. They had shirts with names on them; his was Husky and mine was like... Reggie? No... I don't remember. That night I slept with the dogs in a pile. Dream changed after that. Next dream is hazy but I know it involved a house in a place far removed from the real world. Kinda like enclosed by mountain walls and forest. And people inside were trying to fend off an approaching monster that they knew was coming. A little girl was somehow important and she ended up in one room, with a gun, waiting on it to come so she could kill it. But a wraithlike thing appeared muttering something about 'make my house tiered again' so the girl ran up to the stacked roof, jumped down to a lower roof level, and broke that level entirely off, making the house even again. She apparently died to the others in the house but I knew that she had been sent to another world. Probably her correct world.