Tiny Dog and Gift of Books

Date: 7/1/2017

By toxxicduck

In my dream I worked really late at a place and was just leaving. I don't remember where I worked, but the area looked a lot like NE Portland where Corey and Jordan live, it could have been a Plaid Pantry. It was night as I left. I went up a residential street and began to walk home. I don't know if I found it, or already had it from the beginning, but suddenly I had a tiny cute little dog I was carrying with me. It looked like the little dog from 'As Good as it Gets' except pale-brownish fur striped with dark brown, instead of red-brownish. It had the fur pattern of my cat Leelu, I just realized. As I walked up the street, I was met by a young white man who wore a long black jacket and had chin length stylish hair. He looked like The Crow, but happy and cheerful, and not as greasy. He began to walk me home. I was kind of creeped out by him randomly talking to me in the middle of the night, but also endeared by how nice he was and knew he was just trying to be nice. Next thing I know, I am entering a building, with my little dog, and leaving the black dressed man behind in the alley outside. I entered an office, and it was a place I was familiar with, and I felt kind of irritated because the black dressed man had convinced me to come in here and I didn't know why. I sat down in a chair behind a woman who was working at a computer. She had darkish-blonde hair. There was another man in the room, who was her assistant, but I didn't really look at him. The woman asked me what kind of books I was looking for and I could see on her computer she was scrolling through Amazon, looking at books. I thought 'this is a good opportunity to get some books I've been wanting' and felt suddenly grateful toward the black dressed man, who apparently was having me buy these books on his dime. Before I told the woman anything, other people entered the room. A man with a tiny blonde daughter. The man sat down next to me in a chair and the girl started playing with my tiny dog. The man sat as if he was just waiting his turn to talk to the woman at the computer, and it really bothered me how he sat right next to me. I was very distracted by him while also trying to talk to the woman at the computer, and while my mind was in chaos with the anxiety that was happening, a magical explosion occurred in the room. The tiny dog and the tiny girl were gone, and instead there was a light green glow in the room, and inside the glow was floating chromosomes. I instantly knew that when the girl touched my dog, they had burst into their pure DNA and they were about to merge together again to form another being. I woke up before that happened though.