Jenna marbles/weird show thing

Date: 7/29/2019

By dizzzy

In the first dream I was at Jenna marbles and julian’s house. They were sitting in the kitchen with a bunch of tanks with fish in them, trying to think of names for them. I suggested a few names, including rock, which they didn’t seem very into. I crouched down and looked closely at a fish that had black, white, and bright pink stripes. “This fish looks like a sweater that Jenna owns. Why don’t you name it Jenna?” I said. Julian grinned and seemed to like the idea. I left soon after, but came back to use the bathroom? When I saw them in the hallway I like went around them trying to hide or something. I guess I didn’t want them to know I was still in their house. In the second dream I was attending some concert event that had some of my friends in it? The people were all performing in couples. I somehow peeked into the back room where the performers were waiting for their turn, and I saw Austin and that girl in burlesque costumes? Black corset, red skirt, black tights/garters and heels. Both of them. I got really annoyed that they were performing together and left.