Date: 4/14/2017

By bearln

This connects to my bomb dream. In this dream we were hiking around and I was showing my parents where the bombs cleared away all the beautiful mountains. In this hike, we came across this beautiful waterfall type thing. Large rocks, about the size of a cement truck, lined the lake. They were beautiful (like that rock in my room) Water was running between them so we rode down the natural water slide to where they met the lake. We ended up having a small boat there with mom and grandma in it. We paddled around and fished. When it was time to go, I remembered that my phone was water proof and I wanted to take some pictures under the water. I jumped in and started to take a selfie when I bumped into some seaweed. Out came a large black squid, then anothet, then another. Soon, all the nooks and crannies where spouting these jet black squid. They were all swimming the same direction, and I tried to get some pictures, but the water started to get really deep and I was running out of breath. I took as many pictures of the hundreds of squids I could, but I continued to sink lower and lower. I looked back up and saw that I was at least a 100 ft under the water now and panic set in. Then, like from the 4th Harry Potter when he used his wand to eject from the deep water, I took my phone and pointed it staight towards the surface and jetted to the surface. I casually climbed in the boat and nonchalantly told them about my pictures, then we paddled away.