stone trial, injured, car, sexy cthulhu

Date: 6/22/2017

By headFeed

i was doing some trial and one was in a big empty room. the walls started closing in so i crowched down and got into a fetus position. the ceiling started crushing my head so i layed down and squeezed my legs as close to my chest as possible. i wasnt very afraid. i knew i would survive because this was a game trial. the walls finally stopped and the wall infront of my face opened but there were stone borders so i couldnt crawl out. i yelled for someone to come and cut the wall cause im stuck. the borders suddenly sink into the groud and i complete the trial but im injured. my legs were pushed in too much. im at the hospital and theres some bratty kid there. hes not even injured and im waiting for him to leave. i limp to the doctors office which looks like my grandmas tatami room. i sit at the windowsill and the doctor tells me i have cavities? he said im the worst case and now people in my town are taking better care of my teeth, and he says he hates me but also wants to thank me for that. i start driving a car? i keep missing roads i want to turn at and violating traffic laws. im having trouble breaking and my dad next to me says something like "oh yeah, your trainer is a huge anti-break person. we need to go back." so i try driving back but instead of getting on the tollroad my dad tells me to go to an offroad trail? its very uphill and my car is now an offroad car. i go up pretty fast and then theres a steep way down. i see a bunch of frat looking douchebag guys wandering around. the ocean is to my left and i see leftover washed away music festival decorations. my car is now half its size. it keeps getting smaller as i go down the hill, and the sun keeps setting as i go down. i make it all the way and now the car is just in my hand. to the left is an island with no trees, just some tall swampy bushes and carnival decorations. like carnival flags fashioned into a tent, broken wood structures and at the end of it some broken, ancient stone buildings. my family and i go to approach a broken stone bridge to try to get to the island but on our right, where theres also an ocean we see a talk dark figure. it has tentacles and its boobs are sticking out. i say its a cthulhu and my mom is standing next to it. i tell her to come back and the cthulhu starts approaching us in a very spooky way. i take pictures of it. its pitch black outside now. i use my ipods flashlight. to scare it away but it comes after us faster. i turn it off so we can hide in the darkness but my dad says in a sarcastic tone that im a genius for turning a light off in the dark?? i turn it back on and its a little further away. i say that we will leave it alone and ill delete the pictures i took. it seems pleased. i distract it while i try to log into my twitter to post it online before i delete it. my images wont synch for some reason though and were in my room while it sits by my window im in my injured state again? shes incredibly obese suddenly and forgets about the pictures. she says shes sleepy so sge lays in my bed but i get crushed by her laying on my blanket. i get up and she sets up some tubing that she needs to survive. she says its not working and i tell her she needs to start the waterflow. i shake the tube up and down until water flows out and connect the tubing. theres a leak in it though. i put my thumb where the hole is and i give her a bucket and tell her to put it where the leaking goes to. i let go for it to flow out and put my finger back. she puts the bucket where the water flows when i have my thumb on it. i sigh and do it myself. the carpet is all soggy. i leave to try to find a special leak stopping sticker. i limp to a drawer and find some but all the stickers have pictures of me and my best friend who moved (klara) along with our cats. i finally find one with a super close up of my face which just looks like skin and limp back. i put the sticker on and i wake up.