Date: 2/27/2017

By stefdrms

I was with my best friend at a beach side resort. This might be the second time I dream of this unknown resort. Anyway, we pack our bags and head to the beach. The day was kind of grey but still warm enough to go the beach. When we got there the sand was at a slope so we had to walk down to get close enough to set up camp by the shore. We put our towels down our baskets our phones and let the kids play. We're just talking it was a nice. I was texting my boyfriend letting him know we got here safe and we're just hanging out. all of the sudden, this huge wave just came on to us everyone there freaked out and started running up the sand to get to leveled ground. My phone was one of the first things to wash back. I was like no my phone ! Mind you my back was to the beach the whole time. Betsy says do not look bAck or go back unless you want to die. I just ran up knowing a huge wave was coming. We got to safety. A group of people just sat up top looking at this gnarly waves crashing in. Then everything becomes quite. Still. I was watching my phone do a back and forth dance in the water. I ran down the slop and jumped in. I quickly realize how HIGH the tide was. I can't touch the floor with my feet not even when I jumped in. I swam to my phone. I kept grasping at seeming to only push it further away. Once I finally got my hand on it I felt a rush of water. Another wave. I thought shit, I took swimming lessons when I was younger I can get out of this lol. I tried but the currents were so strong, in every direction, so out of my control... I gave up. I thought this is it. I'm going to die. I almost gave up on holding my breath. I feel a tug. I'm being dragged. This is death. Then I am at shore , I can breath ! My best friend Betsy went in after me. I said you saved my life !!! She says and the iPad too .