Fun, or No Fun

Date: 8/2/2019

By moriyahviera

The first thing that I remember was that it was my first day of high school and dad took me back to my middle school and I didn't realize that I was supposed to be in high school. So, my old homeroom teacher called my dad and he picked me up to go to my high school. But instead, school was over and I was at this house with my best friend Tracey and we were in this room with a lot of stuff and we found these Dork Diaries books I got the red one and Tracey got the white one, but for some reason, it turned into the blue one. I read it and it was about Gomer Pyle. We got out of the house and I was reading and it kind of felt like I was there. In the book, Gomer went to this spanish looking party with this spanish lady. Then, I read some more of it and Sgt.Carter was getting really mad at Gomer. Gomer said that he grew some watermelon seeds on his forehead (meaning that he was starting to sweat) and Sgt.Carter yelled at Gomer. And that was all I remember from my dream last night.