Murdering my Brother

Date: 7/14/2019

By Rev2024

I dreamt that my stepdad told me to murder my brother. He said that I wouldn’t be in trouble because my brother is a murderer himself. I kept going on walks with my brother, with a knife in my pocket, thinking about where the best place to kill him would be. I wanted to do it. I felt it. But every time I would come home with him saying to my stepdad I just didn’t know how. He said just stab him, but still I had a hard time. My brother and I went out to a little walkway, right next to splash town(the water park in Texas) and I felt this is the place. His back was turned to me. I held up my knife, but then I put it down. Thinking I could not kill him. He may drive me crazy, but in the end he is my brother.