Having a child

Date: 8/23/2017

By meghan

It starts off with my older sisters finding me asleep in a field. Normal clothes on but it's stormy and windy out. My sisters are freaking out cause I left the hospital after giving birth. I'm really confused cause I don't remember anything. Once at the hospital I learn that it's a boy and I text my boyfriend that. Who is no where to be seen. I then have a memory of being pregnant and the two of use cuddling while he read to my giant stomach. That's when my mom brings the child over to me and me first thought is I have to go show the bf. But my partners don't want me to. Instead they want to meet me at my grandparents place so the rest of the family can see them. So I'm taking my kid to my truck and putting him in only him is a her now and they're like five years old now. As we drive I begin to slide out of my seat and can't control the truck. So I stop it and get out to change my pants. But the kid drives the truck to the side of the road where there is an opening. And I'm just like "you're as smart as your dad already". Then that's when I was like aren't you supposed to be a new born and a boy. Then the dream turns into me watching the end show to some sports game and watching how bad they are. Then a friend comes in and starts gossiping about her day. Then a guy delivering frozen meals stops by and my friend wants to know what he did the chocolate cheesecake. It had kind of a 80s live show feel to it.