back at boeing

Date: 1/21/2017

By twilson37

Dreamed I went back to work at Boeing. Was assigned to a huge building. Thought I heard the voice of a guy I worked with for years before I left to take another job. I tried to find him. Got lost in the building. There were arcades, bowling alleys, snack kitchens. Everything was on the honor system. I left a $5, took a sandwich, mustard, mayo, chips and soda. Found a restroom. Was.a large square stall surrounded by glass. No privacy. When I left I picked up a vacuum that I had to put quarters in. It said 75 cents, but ran for a quarter. I pushed it around looking for my desk but couldn't find it. After awhile I was like ok, why am I pushing this thing.? Tried to park it but some guy wouldn't let me. You can't park that here lady! Don't you see the tape? No, actually I don't. Left it anyway. Then I realized I had lost my purse somewhere. I am never going to find it. I am lost as it is and couldn't retrace my steps if I wanted to. And damn it, my keys are in that purse. How am I going to get home? Why did I want to go back to work for Boeing anyway? In an office? With people? That I have to drive to? Then I woke up. Oh thank god, there's my purse hanging on the door. There's my home office.