Transporting Cars Platform

Date: 5/6/2018

By HeyItsShelbyyy

Last night’s dream was terrifying, and when I found out it was just a dream, I was so so relieved. To transport cars from one area of the earth to another, there were these platforms, where the cars were strapped on with the people inside them, but then the platform was turned upside down and started flying through space. It was a very common occurrence that cars would randomly fall back down to earth (killing the people inside them) while the platform was flying with the cars hanging upside down. Sometimes, almost all the cars on a platform would fall, so i’m not sure why our family got on one in the first place if there was such a high chance we’d die. I remember being on the platform, in the air, upside down, crying hysterically because I was so scared, and hugging dad and mum the whole time. I kept saying to my brain “this has GOT to be a dream” but I didn’t wake up straight after that so i was still convinced it wasn’t a dream, but it was real life. Eventually, I woke up, almost crying but so relieved that it was just a dream.