Home intruder cleaned mirror

Date: 1/30/2019

By Purple

In real life, my full length mirror used to be dusty. I honestly don’t remember removing the dust from the mirror. It made me think that maybe someone came into my apartment without my permission. In my dream, I wanted to bust the person who came into my apartment. I didn’t know how. But then I looked up at the ceiling. Someone had painted black on a large portion of the ceiling and either underneath or on top of the black, there was some mysterious writing. Ironically, it looked like it was backwards and I needed a mirror to read it. I had my friends come over to help me figure out the message. We put various crocheted blankets on the beds and And placed them beneath the ceiling message. Perhaps we needed to shine a light on the ceiling. The message reflected on to the bed. It was in capital letters. I have no idea what the message said, because either the scene changed or I woke up. In hindsight, that definitely was a sign that I could have taken to wake myself up in my dream and make it into a lucid dream. I have yet to be conscious in a lucid dream.