Date: 7/1/2019

By fmeib

J and I were talking either walking on a sidewalk in an evening or sitting down in a food court. He told me that he will be going to Paris. My first thought was oh fun! and good food and beautiful Parisian skyline. Then I asked for how long, he responded I don’t know yet. Me: why? Him: just an awkward smile Fast forward. I was at the airport dropping him off (?). Then it seemed like I arrived almost the same time as him and I was picking him up at the airport. We were chatting about exciting things in Paris and for me it was haute couture. He had an emotionless face and we continued to walk. The next thing I remember was I saw J working a chauffeur for a designer/seamstress of a fashion house. Then he was working in the back doors, like back in the storage cabinet, getting chiffon fabrics for the designers/seamstresses. Both time he had an emotionless but yet embarrassed face on when he made eye contact with me. It seemed like J sold himself for something to work there. Then I woke up sad.