Guitar, Lost my stuff, market, wheels on the bus

Date: 6/28/2017

By TheNagual

Tabs were going around among a few people, my family was there and was downstairs. I wanted to know when I could use the guitar, it seemed difficult to get my turn in but I had energy. My stuff was gone, some dark dance festival park. I had to hop over a dark wall, there was Halloween stuff in a backyard. I finally remember where my stuff is, my backpack, boots, and goodies. I go to the lockers, they are being cleaned out. There is a monstrous man/animal that is cleaning up. He helps me open my locker but there is nothing but dirt and my boots. I put my boots on and venture out. The giant helps me get into a kings palace where I believed my stuff was. The giant unleashed some kind of axe and flipped the world upside down. I bypass guards and get to the center of the palace, there was a massive long studded treasure chest in turbulent motion. I remember returning and talking about the chest I saw. I was in the market, I see Cheyenne. She took interest in me but her boyfriend came and was very irritated. I walk by a diner back and forth and see Kim Kardashian. She took interest in me. I sat down with a few unknown people and talked K and B, I hadn't seen them in a while. I was dressed up in a suit. Some people were rude and talked about Kim and her large sister in front of her. I left the restaurant which was now a bus, I was half naked and there was a group of officers who spotted me. I ran back into the bus, I felt invigorated and crazy. I tried to find a bathroom, none. The bus driver hits it, we sped down and through the roads. We end up down a residential area. I remember looking down and the bus driver saying, "no way you're getting out." The bus was speeding, I look at the fast moving ground. "Oh yeah?" I step right up close and everyone was in shock, I felt almost no fear, but was still rational about my decision. The bus stops and I get off. A beautiful green belt with large trees. There was a house that I dreamt about before, the setting was similar too. A dream about Mai-Lan and one with her as well.