ladybugs covering arm

Date: 2/26/2017

By kmermaid

I had a dream that I was outside sitting / laying in a circle with my friends. We were all on concrete with blankets around. It seemed like a camp fire kind of setting, but there wasn't a fire. I felt like there were bugs under the blanket I had wrapped around me, but I ignored it. Then, my forearm started to hurt and had a lot of pressure on it. I looked down and it was covered with ladybugs. I tried to swipe them off with the other hand and they wouldn't come off. They were suctioned to my arm like leeches. They were sucking my blood. I eventually somhow got them off using something hard (maybe a piece of wood) and my friends helped me. There were a few bite holes in my arm, but I was okay . I don't particularly like or hate ladybugs, but they basically just remind me of beetles and I hate beetles. I have no idea what this dream means.