Strange swimming challenges

Date: 4/22/2017

By Faith997

So I was in my hometown with my usual friends and we were just hanging around. But there were these open sewers where you could jump in and there was clean water in it and you were challenged to swim through a certain underwater tunnel as a challenge. First it was just a short one about a meter long and we all did it with ease. When we went on there was a longer tunnel about 100 meters long and a girl I didnt know wanted to do that challenge but we were holding her back because it was too dangerous. Then a friend found a ump 45 (machine gun) in a bush and we started to play with it and it somehow became bigger. It was just an airsoft gun and it wasnt loaded but when i shot with it a friend of mine screamed like a girl and i almost died of laughter when we saw some suspicious people looking at us. When i ran to one of them, a girl with white pants my alarm went off and my dream was over.