MTV awards

Date: 4/7/2017

By laurasexton

I was organising the MTV music/movie awards (not sure which in dream). I left it all to do till the day before and started freaking out because I had no performers. Then Will Smith walked into my house like we were neighbours and I asked him if he would close the show with mr bombastic ( not even sure if that's his song). I keep getting stressed out and I'm in my living room with my parents and Jason Bateman and I ask him if he would present he says no cause it's a music thing I then realise I have no presenters then I'm at the awards sat in the crowd watching and it's going fine but half the crowd keeps getting up and leaving to go somewhere and my old French teacher comes up to me with headphones on and a clipboard and says "we don't have enough performers or presenters you're never going to get to do this again". I then follow half the crowd down this hallway and I see Rihanna and ask her to perform she says no and runs away from me. She runs through this rolling tunnel into a restaurant and she evaporates I then see the guys from the imbtweeners Adam Foy (not sure I just kept calling him that) and some other people I've forgot then asked each of them to present and each said yes we went back to the ceremony and I realised we were in Dallas and a rocket was taking off right by us and I watched it go up and it was over.