Project from 7th floor

Date: 6/18/2019

By Deafbr

There was a project that we all need to do. I don’t remember my project but I remember other 2 team’s projects. It was the lab that only one group and me in it One of team (one woman with wavy brunette hair and other woman with straight fluffy light brown hair) had long skinny body (similar to eel but shark size with the head of hammer shark) it was on paper, so they tried to get creative by flip the body several time. So every time they flip, they draw scales on every other one. (It look little bit zig-zag) Other team have a group that doesn’t care about project but there was one girl name Jenna, she come up with the project that required lot of cut into tiny rectangle (around thumb size) so I decided to help her out by cutting that paper. I grab the paper, I went to the door that lead to elevator room. I did press down button then I wait and look up, there was 1, 2, 3 on above elevator in red digital. When it reach 7, elevator open and I went inside. Elevator looks little bit like future but there was glass on opposite side from an elevator door. I stand behind glass and it was full of concrete wall. I don’t remember if I did press 1 or park lot or basement. But somehow, it begins go down and all concrete goes up and up. When I hit every floor, I could see whole floor but quick back into concrete wall. Then finally arrive to park lot, I still carry the paper and I look around the park lot. I found blue or green truck and I went to passenger side then I look left and saw my grandma driving truck, that truck look like from 1990s or 2000s. She ask me, are you ready? I told her that yes I am but I need get this paper cut and bring back to her place. She tried start engine, it make weird vibration feel as it won’t begin. She keep try for several time and finally it begin. She reverse the truck, into left then stop and begin to drive (after pass around 10 parked vehicles) there was a ramp (only fit one vehicle). That ramp look like several floors of park lot, that lead to bottom with one big swirl (similar to swirl slide). The truck break down before could touch the ramp. She decided to turn to reversal and drive backward, there was 2 vehicle (inside those 10 parked vehicle) decided to leave as well but wait for us to pass them. First vehicle was little bit rusty blue minivan with serious rusty on all 4 rims. As we continue reverse, I could see that vehicle come out then exit through the ramp. Second vehicle was modern white dodge truck leave same way as minivan. Finally we reach to my old park spot but the truck was break down once again. I got out of the truck and told my grandma that I will walk to get this paper cut. I exit the truck and went to same elevator. I press 7 then it begin move up. There was one floor that I didn’t see (when I went down) the first floor was super target that I could keep see same floor until like 30-40 feet above then finally hit concrete wall. Eventually, I arrive 7th floor and I walk to same spot as second group (Jenna’s idea project) For some reason, my paper that I carried and it was done cut into small rectangle but I put it on her table. I look at other table with two women, they almost finish and the fish looks like (dragon that hold 2 sword from Seikro) but mix with shark’s skin. It was weird but same time cool! Then one of woman walk to me and tried talk to me about something but I woke up.