The Great Decision

Date: 4/6/2017

By Adrian Lamb

Im never very popular in my dreams but tonight it wasnt me they were bullying, though I dont mean they didnt try. I was at school and it was that kind of dream which everything looked distorted. buildings werr taller, feilds were longer, hills were so steep you were careful you wouldnt fall. The ampatheater looked like it could sit thousands and it was so steep I had to hold onto the railing like life depended on it (cuz it did). It wasnt till this girl who reminded me of myself in the 7th grade, came wobbling by, balencing her homework and books and projects in her arms. She meant to go down the ampatheater but was going to walk down it like there was no danger. I knew what was going to happen before it did. Maybe that means I couldve stopped it. But I didnt stop it. I simply grabbed her hand as she tumbled over the side. "Noooo!" she yelled, as all her homework fell out of her arms and off the cliff-like-side steep. She was slipping. I could feel it. It was her backpack weighing her down. I told her to drop it. She looks at me horrified for a moment and the does what I say. Seeing there was no choice. She's much lighter now and I help her up.