Wouldn't Leave Me Alone

Date: 8/4/2017

By Endeavors

My dream started with my work shift starting but my landlord came by because it was moving day and everyone moving has left all sorts of furniture outside. I asked him to help me find a queen sized platform bed with room underneath for Ben and I. He got out his tape measure and started measuring bed frames. I remembered I was supposed to be working so I ran inside. Instead of separate apartments, it was a huge house. People kept walking in and out of my rooms and were really loud and shouting and laughing and swearing and they wouldn't leave me alone. I kept explaining I was trying to work. Someone got on my laptop and messaged someone named Brigario on jabber and said, "I want to bridge your rio," or something like that and it meant something sexually explicit. I was freaking out. Then someone from work took over my computer and was trying to shut it off. At that point, I knew I was doomed. There was no covering this up and I was going to get fired. Aryn from my old job was also there and found everything to be hilarious and thought I was too uptight.