Digital art, As two strangers find themselves equally matched in strength and surging with electrical power, they engage in an intense lightning battle that shakes the very ground beneath them, destroying everything in their path.

Lightning battle🌩

Date: 3/28/2019

By ChefRiggs

I don’t remember much of the dream but it was a pretty interesting experience. I remember I was arguing with some guy in the street because he hurt someone I cared about. I knew I was going to have to fight him. I suddenly felt my body vibrating and a surge of energy flowing through me. It was like a huge adrenaline rush. I could see a bright glow emit from my skin as if I was exploding with power. I knew then exactly what to do. I crouched down and with a powerful push I launched my self at him leaving the ground crushed and cracked. Electricity flowed through me but i wasn’t the only one. I see a grin on his face as little electrical currents flowed off of his body. At light speed we fly at each other over and over. We seem equally matched in strength despite the power boost we both got. It was like Thor had shared his power with us for the sake of the battle. The rest of the dream was just me and this guy beating the crap out of each other and destroying everything around us.

AI generated interpretation Based on the content of your dream, it is possible that you are experiencing some conflict or tension in your waking life. The argument with the guy in the street and the need to defend someone you care about suggests a protective instinct, and the surge of energy and glow from your skin could indicate a feeling of empowerment or invincibility in the face of a challenge. The lightning and electrical currents in your dream may symbolize your heightened emotional state and the intense nature of this conflict. This could be an indication that you are feeling a need to assert yourself and stand up for what you believe in. The fact that you and the other person seemed equally matched in strength suggests that this conflict may be ongoing or that you feel that you are in some ways on an equal footing with the person you are dealing with. The destruction of your surroundings may be indicative of the impact that this conflict is having on your life and the way that it is affecting your environment. It may also suggest a sense of chaos or loss of control. Overall, this dream may be a reflection of your internal struggle to assert yourself in some area of your life and to overcome a challenge or obstacle. It may also be a sign that you have an underlying sense of power and strength that can be drawn upon when needed.