Stone Mountain Portal

Date: 6/25/2019

By keikodreams

I was on a date or something at Stone Mountain. It was at night and I was by the laser show lawn area except no one was there except for me and the guy I was with. We were talking and admiring the mountain’s art which is huge. Then the guy is like “Have you heard about this mountain” and I was like “What? That the KKK meet here and that it’s supposedly haunted? Yep” He knew about the rumored haunting but he didn’t know about the racist history so I informed him. As I was doing so, we were laying down looking at the stars. I’m looking at constellations and then as I focus in on them I see bird like animals flying down, but as they flew down they got bigger and bigger. The guy couldn’t see them only me. As they got closer they appeared to look humanoid but more skeletal. They were dropping things down to be picked up by humans but I honestly don’t remember what they were. So I’m concerned and we leave. Later on apparently there’s some sort of zombie and titan attack at the Mountain (I know, this just took a turn) and perhaps some time has elapsed bc humans were already aware of their presence and had set up a militia of citizens from the area. The head of the militia was Teyana Taylor. I was like a general. Humans were even signing up to get the powers of the titans in order to fight. There was an issue of getting women to join the militia and unfortunately I woke up to use the restroom.