bird cage

Date: 3/24/2017

By lucidoom

i woke up in my dream and went to my living room to see me birds (i only have two parakeets a blue male and yellow female) when i went to the cage i realized that the cage was bigger and had a thin sheet of caging i went up to it to make sure it was closed and my birds wouldnt get out it was weird because a bee shaped insect with this shiny green color and huge stinger was in there with my birds and a secind pair of parakeets i dont own one completely light blue and the other was completely whitish pink there was even a love bird they all started taking turns escaping except my my actual birds i went to my room agter they settled down and one of my friends was on my bed she was watching my favourite show on netflix (love its a guilty plessure cant wait until season 3) and i layed down next to her and started watching it and we were about to kiss but i woke up