killed by radioactive deer

Date: 11/14/2016

By figen

I am living in an abandoned house sort of thing. There are different radioactive animals there. I leave the house and start driving. Policemen are glaring at me as they drive by in their cars. Eventually one of them tries to pull me over. Somehow I escape by disappearing. It's like leaving an online video game before another player can kill you. But I know that doing this can get me in jail for years if I get caught. I am back at the house. A radioactive deer is attacking me, I am cornered in a crack in the wall. I keep punching the deer, and eventually it turns into something that looks like a monster from Where the Wild Things Are. I hear another radioactive deer around the corner, who also starts beating me up. Eventually they are too much for me and I'm knocked on the ground. The dream ends.