32. Strange war🔫

Date: 2/15/2017

By Raul

I am near a river with steep rocky hills on both side. It looks like I am at war, I am the last one standing on one side of the river and the enemy batalion on the other side and to make thongs worse I am out of bulets. I start throwing rocks at the enemy but they are to far so they just laugh at me. I start going closer to the river and climb theyr side of the hill. They mock me and laugh histericaly as I get xxcloser and throw rocks at them. One of them rise his weapon and aim at me, i am now 10 meters to them. He shots but I dodge and run sideways until i reach him and throw him to the ground. I take a kifne out and cut his throat. I quietly kill each and every one of the soldiers with my knife and a improvised spear.