Comic con

Date: 7/28/2017

By MickRory12

I was at this place it was kind of like the panels at comic con but it was different. The room was pitch black. Then the lights went on and I was in a seat. Next to me was my best friend. I look up to see people on the stage like thing. They were the actors for D.C. Legends of Tomorrow. I was astonished and was happy. Then everything seemed to Black out and I was in this place. I remember Leonard telling me that Mick dies. So i tried to stop it. I think I went on the Time ship and go to the Time he died. I tried to stop it. I think I did stop it because after I did I headed towards the panel. Then this time I saw it more clearly. The chairs were desks but small. My desk has been moved around. So I went to my desk. On the panel it was only one guy. Pretty sure it was Arthur Who played Rip Hunter. I think he was trying to tell us something. Then I realized it. He was showing us a trailer for season 4. The trailer was that Mick dies at the end. And I stopped it. That put a smile on my face. Then I woke up