The Mother Cat

Date: 4/18/2017

By Adrian Lamb

It had swallowed us up like Godzilla would swallow up a city. On the inside, though, it didnt look like a house and I knew we werent in any danger. Cause there were shelves with glass figurines on them, cat figurines; and a coffee table with hundreds of cloth napkins, picture frames, and unused china. Bookcases filled to the brim of not just books but also plants and great old fire place buring away, creating a magnificent orange glow. There was an upstairs, but I never explored it. I was too busy thinking about one thing. We needed this monster house to swallow us up, because we were in danger but where's my cat? I began to panic. Then I began to hear a scratching on the door. One I found all too fimiliar. The house then moved and bent over, shifting floor boards and causing items to fall. The house then revealed two doors, one behind the other and we pulled my cat in. Everyone was safe. For now.