Band plays at my old highschool and they sucked lol

Date: 2/11/2019

By BeastFromTheEast

First part was so strange. I was supposed to give a presentation on front of my class and I was not nervous and just asked if I could take 2 mins to go over it. At some point the dream flipped to this sewer under the school where hundreds of students were going through this channel with water to the auditorium room. Some old friends who I haven't seen since 2015 were there. Including Keith who was my best friend. We got in the auditorium and a thousand students or more were being seated. On stage a band was setting up. I was thinking I was concerned that I should be getting back to the classroom to give that presentation but I thought I'll figure it out later. My friends asked me to sit beside them and we sat like closeisj to the front more in the middle of the right side. The band started and at first they were really good. They played 117 song I think. It was a female singer. They were a heavy metal band and there was slot of screamo, Then the second song this other dude song and oh my God he was awful... Like fuuuuucckk bro.., He was voice cracking and sounded like he was trying to be off key. He was fat and old with very long curly Gray hair and a very long Gray beard. My friend turned to me and asked if I thought he was as bad as he thought I agreed. Then I told him I was glad I came cause I almost didn't and went to go do the presentation and if I would have tried to come after there would be no where to dot and I couldn't sit by my friends.