My Ex

Date: 7/13/2017

By Antoine

Me and ny ex girlfriend broke up 2 months ago and I dont miss her at all. She appeared in my dream wearing a long black and grey dress standing in my bedroom with a smile on her face. We talked about stuff I cant remember now, but I felt happy. I was sitting on the edge of my bed and she then did a little dance while laughing and I fell in love with her again. We proceeded te make out in my bed, like we used to in the past. She mentioned why I didnt get a boner, (I always got one when touching or kissing her) and I was about to reply that I havent watched porn in 3 months and never even masturbated in the same time ( when things started getting uneasy between us I stopped watching or pleasuring myself ), she then interrupted me with something and for some unknown reason put her wallet on my lap and I remember just saying " You need a new wallet, this one is old." I then woke up sad and alone, not particularly missing her, but missing a girl to kiss and love...