Sharing my dreams (NM)

Date: 7/25/2017

By HikariSweets

I showed my friend(some random girl) my art work in like some school/ classroom? She ended up taking my hard work and drawing it and claiming it as hers, the teacher congratulated her and the class was so proud of her but I knew the truth. I told my teacher who may or may not look like my English teacher from 12th grade what she did and I forgot how he reacted but I was so angry I destroyed a lot of stuff and flip over things and ran away. He followed me going "what the matter?" I told him about what she did and how my dream are over now. And when I looked up I seen the nasty smirk in history on his face. It almost remind me of that traumatic time a nasty bitter woman laughed and me and my dreams. I remembered crying enrage and I woke up traumatized still thinking I was still there.