Date: 8/6/2019

By itsliz

I had a nightmare about the Babadook. Started off I was in a school assembly about the school warning us scary things would begin happening and a guy waved me over to sit next to him. I think he explained I had to do whatever he said so I could be safe as well as my family and just to avoid anything dangerous or odd. The doors banged open and I ducked between the chair aisle as well as most everyone else and he said to keep to the ground. Dreamt I said the Babadook's name 4 times in a row as well as the guy who came to protect me for whatever reason. Seemed focused to help ME of all people. Guess we summoned it and it came into my room or whatever having possessed a little blonde girl but her skin was pitch black and her eyes gone. She started croaking at me and I pinned her down to tell it to leave me alone but it ended up breaking the little girl's arms at the elbows. Then I woke up gasping.