Kidnapped friend

Date: 5/29/2019

By sharkey161

I was at school and had a bong in my backpack so i was freaking out when i saw the cop car for some reason i was outside and my parents brought me my backpack and said “i know this isn’t the news you wanted to hear but elly was kidnapped” they didn’t notice the bong i got home and told my friend to come over and pick up the bong then i began searching for my friend i snapped her and her kidnapper responded with cryptic emojis and sending photos of her gaged and beaten i was horrified and began the search for her. I found where they were some how and realized this was the perfect crime when i found them elly was in the oven i beat up her captors a little and got her out of the oven she was barely alive apparently she was submerged in boiling water before this too i was never able to save her and i was accused of killing her even tho i knew who her captors were she had a funeral and i sat by her gravestone for a long long time and argued with people that i wasn’t the one who killed her.