Lucid Dream - Finding My Own Core

Date: 7/2/2017

By TheNagual

The dream starts somewhere in a housing setting, White and generally bright. I was in Kansas with relatives. There was two blond girls across the other house who were taking interest in me. Jacob and Ben and the others were Roman Catholic and were strict. If not for this, I would have gone over to them. There was UFO play carts and a game was being made, tinfoil and sheet metal of kinds. Later, there was just one blond girl - she was medium height with dirty blond hair, large symmetrical lips and crosses arms. I went over to her and the setting changed a bit. She was now foreign sounding, German maybe. There was many trains, each one red and with a different country labeled on. At some point I wake up and fall back asleep. I am almost immediately lucid in the dream, taking note of the familiar environment I was just in. I had fairly high level of control because of my confidence. There was Jenna, I moved her but then she moved me, I saw her backside and was instantly moved and lost direction and intention. I climb into a king sized white bed with her, but she starts to yell and complain. Something about death, and then some phrase she repeated that rang back in my head. Luckily she stopped the sexual act, because I re calibrated my intention and set forth to find the Core of my own being, an idea I've been wanting to do for a while. I see Nick, He says the words, "go have a lucid dream" I feel this sense that he helped me have one. I yell out, "clarity now!" And "Awareness now!" This helped gain lucidity tremendously. The scenery was now lush green temperate forest and I felt fully awake. I used all my intention and focused on finding my core. I kept repeating "my core, finding my core, searching now" something along these lines. I was directed toward a tower of some kind and I was climbing a ladder in the tight cylindrical room. I felt claustrophobic, but looked up and saw light and climbed up. Another row of ladder, this was a long stretch, I knew that if my focus decreased I would lucidity, and doing a simple activity like climbing a long ladder while looking forward is not stimulative enough and I would lucidity. So I acted quick and climbed the ladder fast while repeating for my core to come to me. Success, I passed this test and made it to the top which was the light. Now, I was inside a darkened space area, and in the middle I saw the final mission. It was my core, centered in the middle of the round shaped space room, like the core of a planet, or the sun, all things were revolving around it. I had to jump over final obstacles that were floating in subconscious hyperspace. I made it, It was a large wooden crate that read, "God-PA" I knew it resembled god and Rigpa. I attempted to smash it open. I turned into pure energy and threw myself down on to the crate, I miss... I desperately pull my energy back up. On the third try I break it open... the setting changes and I am in a quiet familiar room, calm and settled. In my hand was a small piece of clay in a ball and on it was a smiley face. I had all the sense that I completed my mission and that something deep within my unconscious was unleashed and would soon make its way into waking life; the clay smiled at me. Then I thought maybe the clay had a bit of angry eyebrows on it, but this was not as prominent. Perhaps, the clay face could have gone both ways.