Grandma and Grandpa

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

I don't remember everthing, but I remember this light somewhere in my grandma's house flicking off and on and back off again really quickly, and it happened several times. It always showed this same little corner above a doorway, and though I couldn't see the actual light, I could see the yellow of the wall go dark when the light changed. That's how I knew what was happening. The light changing scared me almost every time but once. At some point I realized that the light would flicker like that in relation to hearing / thinking about my (deceased) PawPaw Jimmy, like it was him making it happen to give us a sign. Whenever I realized that the light changing was him, my view changed to a sort of aerial view of Grandma doing dishes, but the kitchen wasn't like hers. The sink went all of the way to the corner of the countertop and the side counter and fridge she had in real life weren't there to be in the way. Anyways, she's doing dishes. I think she was wiping a plate dry when this big round red - orange thing sort of rolls over in the sink, and on the underside there is a message written out in what seems to be those alphabet fridge magnets. It says something like "Find Jimmy's gemstones from school." I still have an aerial view during this time, and I see when Grandma notices the message. She drops everything and runs to this linen closet or something and starts digging in there for this crochet piece. Them I'm running over and realized that I had worked on this a little bit at some point previously. It was a thick, soft, light blue thread. Grandma is sort of frantic looking for a certain place in the stitches, so I showed her where I started working on the thing, and I see this thin little black string weaved into the stitches around there. Grandma finds the place she was looking for and holds it out in her hands so that we can see this little light blue plastic or glass gemstone of sorts (picture in dream journal, maybe between kindle and case, Idk) . It was almost the same color as the crochet thing it was attached to. She showed it to me and we looked at each other kind of surprised, and then the lights flicked out again, but this time I saw the light changing on her face. She looked almost the same. She was still old, but her hair was trimmed, her face and neck were a bit slimmer, and her wrinkles and things were less obvious, but they were still there. I told her when the lights changed that I'd found that it meant that PawPaw Jimmy was around, like it was him doing it. I can't remember if the lights changed again here, but she looked at me and was smiling as tears welled in her eyes and was saying "yes, yes" and some other little things. So we ended up happy crying together. I think I realized that this happening was a sort of validation of a heaven for me and grandma in the dream.