Preparing sorta of a funeral for my Uncle at my Elementary school

Date: 3/1/2017

By richilye

I was at my Elementary school , same class as of when I was in 6th grade, my old classmates were there, thou the classroom was emptier than usual, around a maximum of 9 people or more, the classroom was also empty by the lack of desks and chairs, there was enough for everyone there thou. I was talking to some girl, can't really remember who, then everyone was making something, like a letter or a poster, they were told to make it in black paper and write in white. I didn't have a black sheet, so I used a white one and wrote in black, I finished doing it, I don't remember what was written in it. I didn't even know wat was it for in the dream, then I went out side and there were lots of them sticking on the wall, and the entire school was doing something. I stickied up mine on the inside of the classroom, then one of my old classmates came over and she told me that I was supposed to put it in black and write in white, as she was removing it, I asked what was it for... she then said to me, "don't you remember?, it's for your uncle that died", then everything went black and I remembered that my uncle died... (He's not dead yet in real life, still...) END