Ianception (a lucid dream within a dream)

Date: 4/15/2017

By ImprovdHat

I was sleeping under the table furthest from the door in the Mac Lab bc of our short film we were gonna work on early that morning. So I "woke up" under the table and crawled out to see 😶 and Maria sitting @the main table. They were talking about stuff and I sat between them. When I did a dream check my hand went through the table. "Woa, it's a dream!" I exclaimed. "Yep," Maria confirmed. "You can do anything you want." "What do you want most, Abby?" asked 😶. Before I knew what I was doing, I grabbed 😶, pulled him onto the table that I slept under, and kissed him. We were like that for a few moments and oh my lord. I feel bad bc I did it without his permission IRL. Then he dissipated and reappeared at the front of the room by the door with Luke and his camera. I was making out with the air. "Look!" 😶 laughed, "she's kissing something in her dream!" The two of them laughed as I tried to find a way to "wake up" so it wouldn't look like I knew what was happening. In adjusting myself, I "fell" on the ground and "woke" like "o shit what up?" Then I had my third dream-within-a-dream and again crawled out from under the table. There were a bunch of people sitting around a table but the Mac Lab had become one room in an apartment.