Drinking myself to death?

Date: 8/11/2017

By MsBananaNanner

So I'm in my grandparents guest room. I'm heartbroken/mad at my "not boyfriend" (literally how I referred to him in my dream). Not boyfriend looks like Peter from Fringe, but I don't think it was actually his character. I have an iPad in my hands, and I crawl up in the closet, pitifully crying and drowning my sorrows with some sort of alcohol. A Pepsi commercial comes on my iPad, and what's-his-face who voices Darth Vader is in it, smiling and drinking a can of Pepsi. Suddenly he pops out of the screen, and now he's in the closet with me. He doesn't say anything, just sits here with his knees to his chest, grinning and giggling with his can of Pepsi. I take this as him mocking me, so I tell him to stop. He doesn't. I pummel him in the face. His head gets bashed into the wall, his nose is smashed and bloody, then *poof* he's gone. Still moping, I crawl out of the closet and law down on the floor between the bed and the chest thing at the foot of the bed. I've drank so much that I'm starting to drift out of consciousness. I hear the sounds of people looking for me; everything outside of my room is offices. People are afraid that I'm dead or that I got so depressed that I killed myself or whatever. There's a guy that comes to talk to me, but he's kind of wispy, not quite a solid person--but could be just because I'm so close to passing out. He's telling me that I need to pull myself together, that I can't just let go like this, and I need to fight to hold on to my life because it is worth living. I have hardly any energy, but I still manage to shed some tears. I tell him that I can't, that I feel so cold and I can't move. He reiterates that I have to. He tells me to call not boyfriend (they're all out searching for me). I want to tell him that I can't, but he disappears. I'm so cold. My breaths are so shallow. I use the last of my energy to dial the number (have a flip phone for some reason). "What's happened? Where are you? I'm coming to get you, are you okay" My voice is so weak, I'm still crying. "I don't know where I am. Please help me. I don't know where I am." The phone falls from my hands and I can't move anymore. My eyes are just barely open and I see not-boyfriend pull up outside with the other search party people. He rushes in, scooping me up off the floor as I slip into complete unconsciousness. I wake up; my shoulder is sticking out of the covers so it's really cold.