I had a bad dream 3 hours ago before 9:30am. It was when I was sleeping 😴 still. Anyway my dream was I hanging out with my brother. Then all of sudden our family dog 🐶 who was golden retriever dog 🐶 ran 🏃 in the road. So I said oh no 🤦‍♂️ Romeo's in the road. So I gasped. Then I said Romeo get out of the road. come back. Then I saw a black police 👮 dog .🐶 It looked like a K-9 dog 🐶 as a shepard dog. 🐶 So I said Romeo's back. But my brother told me that's not Romeo. Also I didn't say anything. So I kept poking the bees. 🐝 But my brother warned me they're going to get p.o. But I still kept poking them. Then all of sudden they came up to my face. So I screamed like bloody murder. And stung me on one ☝️ of my right fingers. So I said ahhhhhhh as I grunted in pain. And I was picking one ☝️ of them off my finger. And they're were small, light green.

Date: 5/12/2017

By 11Stars

One ☝️ of my fingers got stung by a green bee. 🐝