trapped in a recursive nightmare full of copies by a malevolent kitty

Date: 3/6/2017

By Cela08

took a nap today. had a terrible migraine, took twice the instructed amount of ibuprofen earlier and it didn't help. woke up without the headache but incredibly disoriented. typing this now and it feels like the headache's coming back and my eyes are tearing up for some reason. memories of the dream are fragmented and a little hazy but all part of the same dream. the dream was mostly white with blue outlines and a few splashes of color. it was kind of like a pencil drawing. it struck some sort of strange chord between realistic and sketchy, but my dream perception led me to believe it was real anyway. the first thing i remember happening - though bizarrely, i'm not sure if i dreamt this part or if i retroactively remembered it happening in the dream, was me allowing a calico cat (who was in full color, always) into my room after having saved it in some way - not sure how or what from, just "saved" her. memories of this part are inconsistent on whether they're in first person or third, but it was definitely me. she had a name, some kind of human name, but i can't for the life of me put my finger on what that name was. it was feminine and started with a c or k sound, but now i can only think of her as "kitty", to the extent that my memories of the dream call her that too. i can't entirely put my finger on what happened directly after that. i remember going about my business, then waking up. in the dream. kitty was nowhere to be found. i only can recall parts of certain wake-ups and "shifts" (the scene inexplicably changing and me being fully aware of it) i faintly recall more portraits of kitty being hung on the walls the deeper i went. in a bunch of iterations, i was aware i was dreaming, only to have another false awakening to get rid of the lucidity. strangly, the lucid ones are e ones i remember the least. in one iteration in third-person, my mom called me, and i went to her chomping down on hysteria because i had woken up and deemed the rest a dream. but as i got close to the door, i heard her arguing with someone, and heard my own voice from behind the door arguing back. i don't know if i opened to look. on one i went onto the internet, first person and the world realistic. i scrolled through some kind of bastardized version of pinterest, with over half the posts just being images of kitty. someone was watching over my shoulder who i knew was there to help, they seemed horrified at the pictures. in another in blue and white (can't seem to remember what perspective) i had an ornate, oval-shaped mirror, and it reflected only me with a background of clustered rose blossoms behind me. my reflection talked to me. i don't remember what she said, but she appeared in many more iterations. in one third person one i was trying to do something with my sister involving school, i think, which was getting deeply on her nerves. i wasn't acting like myself - it may not have even been the real me - but eventually i told her that i was just bothering her because i was lonely and wanted to talk to her. she felt guilty for being mad at me, and then my mom called me out of the room. i think i tripped on the way out. our stairs are very close to my sister's room. in one third-person, blue-and-white shift i was with a bunch of people who i can't recognize now, though one of them seemed to be me, and one of them was the rose mirror. we were talking about kitty being a threat but i don't know a word of what we said. in one all i know is there was a comic book, with harsh uneven lines seperating panels of nothing but me looking terrified and images of kitty, with her sometimes appearing menacing or hyper-cartoony instead of her typical appearance of a regular albeit expressionless cat. two of the iterations i remember most vividly were first-person, realistically styled wake-ups. there were no kitty portraits in either of them. i was hungry and stressed, so i headed to my sister's room where the microwave and fridge were kept, for some reason (that's not where they are in real life) to get a snack. by sister was in bed, angry at me for a reason i can't recall - possibly something a doppelgänger did. there was either a blank in my memories or a shift, but i found myself in my room, crying and desperately trying to get my parents to help me out of this nightmare loop. behind me was the mirror - still in the blue and white style - and also in the room was one of the strangers trying to help me, also in blue and white and just on the fringes of my vision. the mirror was screaming something nasty, and my parents were just getting angry and alarmed, thinking i was losing my mind yet at the same time seemingly hearing everything the mirror said but registering it as what i was saying. then there was another wake-up. this one felt more real than the others, and i went downstairs feeling a bit better. i wanted to make a chili dog because i was craving one. i put all the ingredients on at once and then went upstairs to put it in the microwave (not how i make chili dogs, by the way) only to realize with shock that the microwave wasn't there, and also neither was the freezer. no idea where i got the ingredients for the chili dog if i didn't know where the freezer was. i went to my dad in the living room and asked him why they moved the fridge and microwave, and where it was now. he was confused and told me they were downstairs in the kitchen (where they are in real life) as always, and they were never moved. i was extremely confused and hit by a wave of nausea as i asked him what about when they were in my sister's room, and he said he'd never put them there. i went downstairs and saw the microwave and fridge, feeling sick to my stomach with an overwhelming feeling of "this isn't real, this isn't how i remember it, this can't be right" but stuck my hot dog in the microwave and turned it on. the rotating disc in the bottom seemed to have a problem - spinning wildly in one direction then stopping and spinning wildly in the other. i got the distinct impression somehow that it was overheating, too, and in a panic pressed the stop button. it had a lot of give to it, feeling almost squishy and damp. but after some pushing i managed to turn the microwave off. my chili dog inside looked like it exploded, but it didn't look particularly warm. i hurriedly went to tell my dad that something was wrong with the microwave, saying my chili dog exploded in it, and he said the microwave was fine and i probably just made the chili dog wrong. i took that answer, getting the messed up chili dog out of the microwave and deciding to eat it anyway, taking a bite. it was less than room temperature. i then remembered that i never make a chili dog that way. there was a shift or wake-up back into third person blue and white, and i was in my room surrounded by strangers i knew were trying to help me along with some doubles and the mirror, terrified and feeling ill. the portraits of kitty were back, and i was saying something about my neverending nightmare loop, and we all came to the conclusion that kitty was the source. we had no idea why she did it, considering that i had rescued her, however. what we did after the meeting is hazy and unclear - we encountered kitty in the flesh at one point, but there was a swift shift to another scene. the group felt distinctly smaller, but nobody acknowledged it. the last scene i remember was the group minus me and plus my parents trying to deceive another double of mine into falling into a portal she had created. they were all holding hands with her, pretending to help her with what i think was a kittyy summoning ritual, but the people on the opposite end from her were trying to pull the group in a way that the double would fall into the portal. i remember the mirror vanishing partway through, looking horrified as she just popped out of existence during the ritual. the double they were trying to trick had a knowing look in her eyes. i think she knew what they were trying to do. i was awoken to reality by my mom calling me before i could see if they succeeded. i'm fairly certain this is reality by the fact that i can feel stuff and recall this all as a dream and post it here, so please if you comment don't pull any sort of "no, you're still dreaming, wake up" stuff because that is not appreciated.