Date: 6/26/2017

By pokeb0y

I was in the cafeteria trying to find places to sit with my friends but for some reason the tables were supper small and only sat 3. After a while of moving around I couldn't find a seat and went to sit by myself. After I sat down these two jerks come up to me and after talking some how get ahold of my phone. I yell at them to give it back and they start pulling out tons of different flip phones or home phones and none of mine. Eventually they pull out an I phone with a black cace and ask if it's mine sarcastically. I say no my case is pink and flamboyant. They threw down the phone and I tried to say that that phone isn't interesting but it somehow comes out "ha! Your phone is anti gay." They ask "are you gay?" And I say no and feel super stupid because I'm not gay. Somehow they get away and I freak out. As people are leaving because lunch is ending I see one of them and I run to them. I grab him in the hallway and pick him up by his Jacket collar and slam him agents the wall and angrily ask for my phone. He is scared and says that the other kid has it and points to him. I start to run after him and I end up grabbing him, slamming him agents a school bench. A teacher walks over and asks what's happening. I tell her once and she acts really sarcastic about it like she doesn't believe me. I tell her again and suddenly she gets really angry. She starts yelling at the kid about school policies and how he could be suspended. The last thing I remember is getting my phone back and the bully leaving afraid.