Barb Wire

Date: 4/4/2023

By DreamWeirdo

I was at my old school and everyone was getting ready to graduate and everyone had one last party. I didn’t go and I was back at the house. I was trying to connect with RJ but he was focused on other things. I felt left out and nervous that I was going to be held back because I wasn’t good at school. People were in buses going to the party and I held back with the others. I was happy I was back with the others. There was some familial references in my dream. I had a moment where I was watching a Director film an actress for a scene. It was intriguing.

AI generated interpretation Your dream may reflect your feelings of insecurity about your past academic performance and your fear of being left behind in terms of achievements. The graduation symbolizes a transition to a new phase of life, but you feel like you haven't completed something important or are not good enough to achieve your goals. The party, which you didn't attend, may represent a missed opportunity or a fear of socializing with others due to feelings of inadequacy. Your desire to connect with RJ could indicate a need for emotional support and validation. If he was focused on other things, it could mean that you feel ignored or neglected in your relationships. The familial references in your dream may suggest that you are seeking a sense of belonging, but feel disconnected or have unresolved issues with your family. The scene where you were watching the director film an actress for a scene may represent your desire to be creative, or to be a part of something bigger and more meaningful. Overall, your dream may reflect a desire for validation, a fear of inadequacy, and a longing to belong and to be a part of something greater than yourself. It may be helpful to explore these themes in your waking life and work towards finding ways to overcome your insecurities and connect with others.