Strange Machinery in my Basement, Sudden Military Training, & The Mysterious Plague

Date: 7/23/2017

By fluffytree

I find myself in the basement of my house or rather an alternate version because this one is not only alot bigger but there's all this running and dangerous looking machinery around. I go down to simply wash my clothes and have to be careful not to get my arms or hands caught in any of the rapidly moving gears, fans, and other odd machinery that looks out of place in a house and more commonplace in a factory. When I go back upstairs I find myself now in a totally different scene. I seem to be apart of a large group of people around my age and younger who've volunteered to be apart of some type of special branch in the military. We have to undergo training now and it involves lots of physical activity of course along with martial arts, judo, a type of gymnastics, and other stuff. We start from the barracks where we all grab our gear and go but it takes me a little longer than everyone else cos I dunno if I'm coming back so I figure I should grab everything I need and throw it in my bag. I do that and catch up with everyone else where I find them lined up in a very large a busy gym that's about as big as a stadium. So many people are here and it's sectioned off into various training groups where people are learning different things. I see the usual stuff like I mentioned before like martial arts, general calisthenics, and the like, but there's some groups that are doing some odd stuff like one guy is teaching some trainees about how to properly throw sneakers? I... have no idea but he kept demonstrating how to throw one. I just remember thinking how I didn't wanna join that group that's for sure. Everybody in my line finds where they wanna go pretty quickly but I can't decide because the choices are just so overwhelming. I guess I stand around too long and it's just my luck that the sneaker instructor sees me and tells me to come over and join. I'm reluctant and don't wanna but once I start heading over there a time skip happens and now I'm in another part of the building. I've lost track of most of my original group and not sure where to go so I head to an indoor Burger King that happens to be nearby. Ordering your food here is very odd because there's no counter where you go to order or pay for what you want. There's a menu sure, but apparently once you know what you want then you go over to a table where 4 female workers are sitting talking and eating, and then you tell them what you want. It's really awkward. I just feel like I'm interrupting them and then whenever I do order it takes them so long that I figure I might as well leave and come back later. But when I do someone has taken my food so I end up having to just settle for another bag that's similar to mine. Luckily all I wanted was a whopper, fries and drink and I got that plus a free danish. Now that I think back I wonder who's order that was I was taking? Such a super unorganized place though. When I head back out I still can't find all of my group but I do find some. I have to wait in a long line to get back into the gymnasium to do more training. The barracks are in that section too and it seems anything to do with the military is behind a glass wall with a guard checking IDs at the only door inside. I look around and everyone has their ID but me. Just great, this is turning out to be a wonderful friggin day... There's no way I'll be let in without it but maybe if I stand with someone from my group they can vouch for me. So I decide to do that until the people around me start suddenly collapsing. I dunno if they're dropping dead or fainting but I figure it's best to get away since it might be some chemical or viral agent in the air. I go about 30 ft away to where this odd religious group is stationed. They all wear dark hooded robes and sit around a dais that has pillars on it and green fire surrounding a woman who I take is the head priestess or something. I feel like I've seen this group in past dreams but not sure. But now some of them are dropping too and then I realize that it's me that's causing this. I dunno why, but apparently I seem to be like some sort of black plague that's infecting everyone around me. People begin to recognize the truth too and all look at me in fear. I drop to my knees in despair thinking, 'of course I would be the case of all this death. I'm no good wherever I go...' and begin to cry. And it's at this point that I wake up.