My brother nearly got murdered

Date: 8/14/2019

By Friesandnuggets

My younger brother was going to school in this small wooden building which was right outside of a forest. For him to get home he had to walk through the forest where me and my dad were waiting at the exit for him to come out. It was a Tuesday and he had PE last lesson so we were prepared to wait a little bit longer. Eventually all his friends come out except him. We ask his friends if he’s close and they say that he should’ve been right behind them. My dad tells me to run past the forest and see if i can see him while my dad waits by the car. On the side of the forest is a fence which you can see through. I walk past checking each tree for my brother. About halfway along I see him crouching down with this man. He had PE so he was in a neon yellow top with dark green shorts. The man was white, tall and thin, young, had brown hair, had a khaki top on and black shorts. They don’t notice me at the fence and I continue to walk along to see if there was any evidence or other people helping the guy. I don’t find anything so I run back to my dad with the horse and carriage we were using for a car. We get home and he says he’s going to walk to the police station and tell them because they take too long if you do it by phone. Just as he’s leaving I tell him I saw my brother with a guy and I describe the guy to him as best as I could although some of the details were a bit hazy. While my dad’s away my Nan comes round and we FaceTime my older sister. She’s at a party which is quite inappropriate. As we’re waiting I remember a very similar case where the boy was murdered, and just for fun I google who murdered him. I find the guy and this is where it was weird because I remember thinking “damn this isn’t a dream, this is really life, that can’t work”. I also remember thinking “this is so sad I’m never going to see my brother again, I wish I was dreaming”. She waits with us and my dad doesn’t come back alone, a massive black police van pulls up outside our house. The police start releasing suspects outside our house including an ancient old man who had no idea where he was. I see a glimpse of the guy who did it and I saw but he’s disguised himself. He goes into a police car and comes out looking completely different and very young. My brother comes out of one of the cars that comes with the van and we all celebrate him not being brutally murdered in a forest. I ask him if he always has PE last on a Thursday and he says yeah?? I went to my room and I could see into the police van and I saw a picture of Phil Lester and a picture of the guy and they’d crossed out Phil Lester?? Cut to us on holiday and my parents have bought my brother a big dog with the face of a pug. Everyone’s talking and I’m playing with a bike wheel, everyone mocks me because they think I’m hinting that I want someone to play on their bike with me but I get really angry because why can’t I just play with a bike wheel, if I wanted to go on a bike I’d be on a bike.