Samedi and La Siren/ Erzulie

Date: 6/5/2017

By LaSiren

There were black men and three women who were walking the road. Jason was on a backhoe working on the street. It was dark/ nighttime and they came . They saw me and began speaking and followed me to my door. I was uncomfortable. I walked in as they began to push at the door and locked it. I was in a small room with a group of people. Someone let the group from outside in and they smiled and began to form a perimeter, watching the inner circle. I asked what they were going to do. One said, we are going to steal from you and then we are going to murder you. Panic set in as one pulled out a gun, another a machete, and one a knife. They closed in the circle and I said " why not just steal,why do you have to kill. One smiled and shrugged. My panic began to fall to calm as I approached a young one on the wall who had a knife. I stepped out of the circle, aggressively, whispering," you TonTon Macoup" , then I started hissing " Sssssaaammmeeeddddi" ...He began to fixate on my eyes and dropped his knife. I hissed a whisper, I am Lasirrreeeen, Errzzullliee" and his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he began to seize... Samedi took over and he grabbed me around the waist and stared at me with great appetite. The dream flashed forward to the morning and this time I am the watcher . I see myself rise from a bed and grab shoes, pull on a dress and quietly run down stairs. I see the boy , rough, dreds, scarred face notice I am gone and he is out of the haze. He is angry and grabs his gun and follows me. From the top of the stairs he empties his pistol into the wall and door as I round the corner, hoping to hit me. He pauses to watch , angry, betrayed, but Her I come in third person. I burst back in the door, run up the stairs toward him in his anger and he stands waiting. There is a tense moment before he spins around behind me , puts his hand on my mouth and violently and passionately pushes me back into his room. She is smiling under his hand, quite happy to find " Baron Samedi" again. I assume they reunite and the dream takes another turn. I am at a party with a big cigar hanging from my mouth telling Jason about the voodoo dream. A person standing behind the couch throws a pillowcase over my head and pulls me by the hair off the couch, wanting to prove their " violence and passion" to me. I just get annoyed , not turned on. My stepfather is trying to get me to dance and my Mother leaves drunk with a group of people. I start to realize I cannot find her. I check my phone and their are fifty messages, each one dead or background noise and I am panicking to find her. I see Jay has called to and he doesn't speak , but seems to be carrying on and happy l not worried where she is.