Sex trafficking on a boat in Russia

Date: 8/6/2019

By proxie

I had a dream that I was on a Crete boat with my ex who I was dating in the dream and my the boy I like who I wasn’t dating in the dream. The boat unattached itself into 2 smaller Crete boats and the boy I wasn’t dating in the dream was on the other boat, so I left the boy I was dating and ran to the other one to be with him. The boat my in-dream boyfriend was on, headed towards a tropical region in South America. The boat me and the other boy was on was heading towards the cold Soviet region of Russia. Both boats were sex trafficking boats and the dream shifted from the perspective of me with the boy I like and my ex bf while were both being enslaved. Me and the boy I was with were trying to find a piano or something to play. The Russian man in charge was aggressively trying to find ya, but he disintegrated into a mess of flesh and died when me and the boys were trying to find a place to hide.