Serial Killers

Date: 3/30/2017

By Stampke

trapped in a house with a small group of people I do not know. The house has two storeys and is old but solid. I know there are two serial killers after us, one male and one female, they seem to be a couple. Most of the group and I run upstairs to give us a chance to escape and this is where I stop experiencingntge dream from my point of view and focus on the single man left downstairs. he is nervously walking down a hallway that is very wide and lined with photo frames though I can't see what is in them. He comes across a large stone fireplace that is very deep. The female serial killer lunges out and drags him by the legs into the fire place where she proceeds to stab him in the legs multiple times. After this she then injects his leg with a poison and his body begins to shut down, she holds him while he dies. This is where I wake up in terror.