Bunch of bad dreams

Date: 4/5/2019

By BeastFromTheEast

I had a cluster of nightmare / bad dreams last night First one was my cousin liam who I havnt talked to in years had his dad on a projector live chat and told me to come in this room. And when I went in his dad went on and told me basically I'm a piece of shit person and I'm bad at everything and he hates me and everyone hates me and all kinds of horrible things. I was so angry and confused Next dream it was apparently a law that it was illegal to talk about sex to the opposite gender, if you even said anything you'd go to jail. Last dream this fat guy with a beard was in stage giving a Ted talk type of presentation to a massive audience of at least 5k people, so one asked him what he thinks about slavery and flat earth and he said he thinks it's a great idea and we should bring it back to create jobs, I wanted to freaking kill him, There were more but those are what I remembered